Track all school inventory. Know when your supply are starting to get low. Track all tables, desks, chairs, computers and know where they are at all times.

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Powerful real-time data and permissions are available in Adilas. Be informed instantly of changes, from budgeting to inventory, as well as history of employee use.

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No more paper and pencil financing. Track various booster clubs, parent organizations, and really knowing where and how much is there. How much was spent last year? In June?

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Custom Reports

Adilas offers custom reports for anything you wish to track - student grades, behavior, attendance and anything else that you desire, Adilas can track them all.

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All You Could Ever Want

Adilas provides a completely customizable, flexible, and powerful engine to track the data you want and display it in the way you need.

  • Track inventory
  • Custom reports
  • Complete financial control
  • Permissions on employees and users

All-In-One Solution

Adilas is created to be an all-in-one solution. No more multiple software solutions needed - Adilas takes care of it.

Easy to Use

Adilas has the ability to customize your workflow to streamline all your processes, making your work experience a breeze.

Unlimited Options and Variations

Customizing is our specialty. We give you no limitations to how your schools are run. You dream it up, we'll wire it up.

Key Features

Adilas has many features that are both powerful and dynamic. Here are a few of the many services we provide.

  • Complete financial control
  • Track inventory
  • Unlimited options and variations
  • Custom reports

Latest Technologies

Adilas is integrating some of the latest technology to always make sure that the system is up-to-date.

Dedicated Support

We are dedicated to your success. We provide great customer care; call us with your questions or difficulties and we'll be there to help.


The Adilas system allows you to expand in any way that you need. From small charter schools to multiple locations to full school districts, we can do it all.

More Details

Please read the information below to understand some more details about what Adilas can do for you.

Very Flexible

  • Custom reports
  • Custom workflow
  • Track all inventory
  • Complete financial control

So what makes Adilas different from other software packages? For one, we specialize in customization. Most other softwares provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Adilas provides unlimited solutions- customizeable interfaces, flow reports, and so much more. Second, we are the complete software package. No more need for multi-software solutions. Adilas can provide for all of your school's needs.

We want to be honest- no business software is perfect. However, we are not aware of any other company that can provide the services we can at the price we can. Nobody else can say and mean it, "You dream it up, we'll wire it up!"

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  • Know what's happening in your system
  • History on all users is automatic
  • Permissions, secure what you wish
  • Validation processes available

Throughout the district, be informed instantly of changes from budgeting to inventory. Know what's in the science lab, the gym closet, and so much more. Accountability from knowing the system is tracking every entry can help dishonest behavior from happening.

To take it one step further, not only does Adilas provide permissions which allow users to only use and view certain pages, it also provides validation processes. Validation processes could be as simple as allowing funds to be utilized only with the principal's permission. Someone would have to submit a request in which the principal would have to verify in order for the money to be utilized.

Please note that we are only skimming the surface. Give us a call, tell us your struggles, and we'll solve them.

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  • Know who touches what
  • Enter it, view it
  • Full financial details, full control
  • Financial reports

Finances are so important, but when left to paper and pencil mistakes can be more prevalent. Entering data right into the system gives accountability to various booster clubs, parents organizations, and sports activities to be responsible for the data they enter. No system can take the place of honest people, but our system can help track financial details to help you tell if dishonest behavior is occurring.

Know your financials. How much is there? How much did you make at different sporting events? What was made last June? What was needed for the homecoming football game last year? Full details engender sound decisions. Your administration, your way.

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  • Custom interfaces
  • Custom websites
  • Custom flow
  • Custom anything else you can think of

If you need apps, websites, reports, or anything else you can think of to make your school experience more exciting for your students and your faculty, Adilas has you covered. We truly mean it when we say, "Dream it up, we'll wire it up!"

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  • Track students
  • Student logs, information, grades
  • Keep running tallies on faculty
  • Everything you need and so much more in Adilas

Something not stressed as much above, but still an essential part of running a school is students and faculty. Track your students with reports, behavior logs, or anything else you feel necessary. Keep a running tally on faculty members, your discussions with them, and so much more. We really don't say this lightly: Adilas is your one-stop solution. You dream it up, we'll wire it up!

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